yf synology ds411slim 2017

Torrent files get downloaded then switch to, "Waiting" status after seeming to finish downloading of the actual torrent file. I have the same. Hi. Is there a working torrent client (i don't count Download Station) for: Freescale P1022 based DS's (DS213+, DS413) Marvell Kirkwood. Release Note. Cloud Station Drive, Cloud Station Drive is an application designed to synchronize files between your Synology NAS and PCs via the Internet.

Add torrent-search (search.dlm) ?? 1 Why I can't see current torrent dowmloads with my user?? by theuros How to access PartialDownload torrent files. Add-on Packages. There are many add-on packages available to expand the value and functionality of your Synology NAS. You will be able to download and.

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