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Торрент трекер ТОРРЕНТИНО - скачайте музыка Eruption and Precious Wilson - One Way Ticket FLAC через торрент бесплатно. . диск-гигант под названием "Ансамбль «Ирапшн», переиздав первый альбом группы. . (Disco ) LP 24/192 Eruption - Featuring Precious Wilson - 1978, FLAC (image) Precious Wilson, who joined Eruption in 1974, would add an element to the band's Rain' and their debut album ERUPTION FEATURING PRECIOUS WILSON. Eruption were a popular disco, R&B and soul band in the 1970s and 1980s. They are best In 1979, Eruption and Boney M. were both featured in the 1979 German film Disco Fever. Precious Wilson left the group in the same year to pursue a solo career and was replaced by singer Kim Davis. The group enjoyed their third. Shortly after, Precious Wilson left the group for a solo career and was replaced by Kim Davis (7). The group's self-penned "Go Johnnie Go" from their third album.

Jun 20, 2017 I am delighted to personally welcome you, to the official site of both Precious Wilson and Eruption. Get ready to for that winning combination.

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